Cognitive behavioural therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is often referred to as a ‘talking’ therapy, where the emphasis is on a conversation between an individual and an online therapist. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy acts as a natural partner to other mindset related therapies for a more efficient route to recovery. Hypnotherapy is a common partner for cognitive behavioural therapy, combining the relaxation and subconscious opening of hypnotherapy, with the day-to-day tools and techniques CBT offers, to create lasting change in your mind’s thoughts and behaviour.

What happens during cognitive behavioural therapy?

Through conversation your online therapist will use cognitive behavioural therapy to break down the challenges you are ready to overcome into small micro-manageable elements, to enable a proactive, sustainable set of tactics which helps to retune your brain to a different way of thinking. During cognitive behavioural therapy challenges are broken down into five main areas:

–         Situations

–         Thoughts

–         Emotions

–         Physical feelings

–         Actions

 CBT acknowledges the interconnection between these five main areas and works with an individual to find coping mechanisms for each element to build a holistic approach to recovery.

How do I know if I need cognitive behavioural online therapy?

Traditionally, cognitive behavioural therapy plays a large role in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders. More recently, there has been a joint approach with hypnotherapy and CBT to encourage a faster recovery for long-term and prolonged disorders and phobias.

As a modern-day therapy treatment, cognitive behavioural therapy acts as a core part of any multi-discipline therapy, working as the medium to provide day to day tactics enabling recover and sustained results from online therapy.

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, or even physical ailments because of trauma, cognitive behavioural therapy may well be a good therapy for you. Use the contact form to initiate a consultation chat and build a multi-discipline therapy plan bespoke for you.

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