Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is an anxiety disorder where an individual experiences excessive worry about a variety of events. This anxiety is not associated with one element of a person or their experiences but rather every experience and a difficulty in accepting an inability to control the world and its actions.

To diagnose generalised anxiety disorder there are two major symptoms:

–         Excessive worry about life events and difficulty in controlling the world

–         3 or more mental health symptoms consistent in appearance for over 6 months

These symptoms could show in the format of: – fatigue, lack of sleep leading to poor concentration or irritability – physical symptoms including dry mouth, excessive sweating, breathlessness, stomach aches, headaches, pins and needles, muscles aches

Is it generalised anxiety disorder or is it just how I am?

If you resonate with the symptoms listed above, then it would be encouraged to start a conversation with an online therapist to work towards a diagnosis and treatment plan to confirm generalised anxiety disorder.

For many people unaware of the disorder, they may have lived with anxiety for many years and decades, forming part of their identity or acceptance in life. This does not need to be forever, treatment can be undertaken at any stage to live a lighter, more peaceful life.

Other causes of generalised anxiety disorder include long-term history of stressors (bullying, domestic abuse, low self-worth), long-term pain management and genetics. These are alternate reasons why individuals can feel they don’t need treatment, or it is just the way they are.

Regardless of the cause of your generalised anxiety disorder, we can treat the condition to full recovery through our multi-discipline therapy approach, combining psychological therapy such as cognitive behavioural therapy with relaxation therapy and healing techniques

How can I support someone with generalised anxiety disorder?

Living with or being close to a person with generalised anxiety disorder can be challenging and energy-consuming so the first step is to make sure you keep yourself calm and healthy. Your health and strength will help.

Research and understanding about the disorder will provide you with some understanding and ability to spot physical symptoms and trends which can help you support your friend/loved one.

Listen and offer support. If a person with generalised anxiety disorder is opening up about their struggles or explaining their concerns, listen and let them be heard. This helps to remove the stigma and to encourage a safe environment to be their current selves. Whilst you might find it obvious to ‘not worry’ and ‘don’t stress’ the individual with the disorder cannot work to that advice. Try supporting statements such as ‘is there something I can get or do to help?’. ‘I am here to help’, ‘I am happy to listen’.

Encourage your friend/loved one to source help from an online therapist. External support is essential to overcome living with generalised anxiety disorder. With the correct multi-discipline therapy plan it is possible to recover from GAD in up to 10 sessions with an online therapist.

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