Online therapy for you

An online multi-discipline approach to therapy treatment. All the different therapy options available to help you overcome and recover from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression can be delivered online for your convenience and for a quicker route to recovery.

How does online therapy work?

Online therapy is a convenient, quick, and safe medium to undertake multi-discipline therapy treatment.

For many people, starting therapy treatment is very personal and they may not have spoken to those around them or to many people about this treatment. Online therapy enables a person to avoid taking time out from work, travelling to appointments, or changing their routines. Online therapy enables a person to talk safely from an environment they feel safe in, at convenient times and provides immediate access to an online therapist, where in-person therapy is not always available in your area.

Online therapy can be conducted by video or by phone. Video is a preferred method for initial conversations to enable a full understanding of a person’s requirements. It helps to build connection between the individual and the online therapist. However, some techniques and therapies can be delivered over the phone. We arrange and discuss this as part of building your multi-discipline therapy treatment plan. 

There is no difference between the time of sessions or how the therapy is conducted. We work together until that session’s actions have come to an appropriate close.

Does online therapy work the same as in-person?

The quick answer is yes. For talk therapy and relaxation therapy, such as  hypnotherapy and hypno-CBT, research shows no difference in effectiveness to treat a person, whether online or in-person.

Having a safe and quiet environment to facilitate a therapy session is important for success and for many individual online therapies is a better way to do this. They do not have the additional stressors of finding, traveling and adapting schedules to go to therapy, and so online therapy can really support recovery by reducing the challenges of accessibility.

Another large benefit of online therapy is the speed to recovery and prevention of longer lasting challenges. Access to online therapy has encouraged individuals with a nervousness to start a conversation quicker, which has led to increased prevention of developed issues.

Which online therapies are best for me?

Leave that question to us to answer. The benefit of a multi-discipline therapist is that a bespoke and individual treatment plan can be created for you, using a combination of therapy types. This enables you to have treatment for root causes, habit-reversal, stubborn symptoms, and ongoing tools all in one place and for one cost. There is no need to seek multiple therapists to access different support therapies, a multi-discipline therapist brings this into one treatment plan for you.

Whether this is hypnotherapy and  pranic healing or  Havening techniques and  neuro-linguistic programming combined with  CBT, you will receive the treatment which will enable your recovery in as short amount of time as possible. Through online therapy we can confidently treat  post-traumatic stress disorder in as little as three sessions,   depression in up to ten and  anxiety in up to fourteen.

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