Pranic healing is a non-touch complementary therapy which considers the body as a self-healing organism and uses free-flowing energy to activate the body’s chakras to enable the healing process.

Whilst it may not appear so, Pranic Healing is highly scientific in its approach, used to treat, and support alternate therapies as part of treatment, a large spectrum of psychological and physical conditions.

Have you ever been in a meeting with colleagues or spent time with family and felt drained from hearing their problems and trying to bite your tongue? Well, this energy isn’t theirs to take and we don’t often prioritise our own energy to maintain vitality in our day to day lives.

Our energy can also get blocked due to physical ailments, anxiety, depression, heartache, deep-seeded trauma. These are often referred to as blocked chakras. By releasing these blockages through non-touch pranic healing, we can regain control of our own energy, vitality and health.

How does Pranic Healing work as an online therapy?

Pranic Healing uses energy to remove diseased energies and negative emotions from the body’s energy field. The healing method looks at physical ailments an individual experiences (take stomach issues as an example) and links these to an emotional feeling. This emotional feeling is further linked to a psychological rationale from the individual’s past and/or present experiences. Once this mapping has occurred, Pranic Healing can complete the healing by filling an individual’s auric field, leaving them relaxed, open and feeling better. The individual often feels as though they are doing the healing to themselves.

How do I know if Pranic Healing is right for me?

One of our most recent testimonials, and a common reason to undertake Pranic Healing, is a woman struggling with pregnancy and becoming pregnant. Acknowledging the physical challenge of conceiving, we worked through the emotional connection to being pregnant, followed by the psychological trauma the individual experienced early on in life. She had not considered it to be relevant to being pregnant, but it was there acting as a blocker to free-flowing energy. We then used Pranic healing for 3 months to complete the cycle of energy blockage and at the end of the 3 months, we are delighted to say this woman is soon to be a parent.

If you feel as though nothing can help and as if you have tried everything, then now is the time to get in touch. There is always a better way and a chance to change your life.

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