Havening Techniques®

The Havening Techniques® are powerful tools that can be used to treat the consequences of encoded traumatic or stressful memories. 

“When an event of experience is perceived as traumatic or very stressful it becomes immutable encoded, often with life-altering consequences. However, recent research from the field of neuroscience has shown us how it is possible to modify this encoding. The Havening Techniques® are methods which are designed to change the brain to de-traumatize the memory and permanently remove its negative effects from both our psyche and body.”
Ronald A. Ruden, M.D., Ph.D.

What are the Havening Techniques®?

The Havening Techniques® uses the sensory method of touch as the therapeutic tool to facilitate the recoding of the brain to treat trauma.

This neuroscience-based psychosensory therapy harnesses delta waves through identified touch applications, creating positive changes to your brain. Havening uses touch, attention, and imagination to trigger electrochemical changes in the brain that alter how memories are processed. The results of this simple procedure? Reduced stress, increased resilience, higher levels of achievements, and emotional, psychological, and physical healing.

What conditions are Havening techniques used for?

Havening is an excellent therapy for use in post-traumatic stress disorder and for those who have experienced childhood stressors or significant long term low self-worth or anxiety disorders. The ability to adapt the why your brain acknowledges a previous trauma and to remove heightened arousal from triggers, makes Havening a beneficial and life-changing therapy.

However, Havening is not just for the treatment of severe trauma, PTSD, or childhood stressors. Havening can also be utilised as part of a multi-discipline therapy approach to treat and overcome anxiety and depression, to improve performance, treat perinatal pregnancy symptoms and a wide variety of performance-based challenges. In combination with healing practices, neuro-linguistic programming and cognitive-behavioural therapy, Havening can benefit almost all mental and emotional challenges faced by an individual as part of a multi-discipline therapy plan.

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