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George SullivanGeorge Sullivan
07:07 04 Jul 24
Francesco is a truly kind, thoughtful and helpful therapist. I have learned so much about myself, the mind and how to improve aspects of my life - most importantly the change has been lasting. I also solved various problems in my business around confidence and leadership through his helpful approach / coaching. If you are working with Francesco he wants you to heal and win, so dedicates time and understanding to making that happen.
04:40 20 Mar 24
Excellent experience, Francesco has been great and helped me along my journey, also a very nice person.
Sarah KhokharSarah Khokhar
12:22 10 Jan 24
Francesco is an amazing therapist who really knows his work. I felt so much better after my first session and highly recommend him 😊
Will CheeldWill Cheeld
19:31 21 Dec 23
Francesco transformed my life, in just one session.I had preconceived ideas about therapy - awkward silences, all listening no advice, antidepressants and a long journey ahead.I was completely wrong.Francesco is a people person who has a natural comforting and friendly aura about him that instantly put me at ease. This helped us to quickly identify the route cause of my problems and to my surprise starting to fix (first session) what was needed. And when I say fix, I mean fix, not soothing over the pain.Providing you have the want to make a change, Francesco will do the rest.I only had 2 sessions but since that time I still feel reborn and most importantly, forever grateful.I would recommend Francesco to anyone.
17:09 16 Nov 23
Francesco has helped me work through some deeply ingrained issues and helped me gaining a more positive outlook on life in general, in just a few sessions. He is an excellent Life Coach and Therapist who know his stuff. Going through a breakthrough day with him was also a life changing experience. I wish I had done this work years ago. I now feel very confident and relaxed in my everyday life, and I feel very motivated to pursue my goals and ambitions, as well as knowing how to balance this with avoiding burnout and understanding my own natural tendencies and inclinations. I would highly recommend Francesco to anyone who is serious about making a radical change. The support in between sessions over WhatsApp is amazing. He is very attentive and personable man, and he truly cares about your Well-Being. Worth every penny!! Thank you, Francesco.
Tom HolmesTom Holmes
18:44 22 Oct 23
Fantastic therapist Francesco has really sorted my life out with his guidance and knowledge I am now able to deal with my emotions and my anxiety with coping mechanisms I’ve learned. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is struggling with any mental health issues!❤️
Luke JohnsonLuke Johnson
15:08 26 Sep 23
Long review but to summarise: Life-changing experience!After being diagnosed with childhood trauma by a psychiatrist, I sought help and was found Francesco. After an in-depth discovery call, he recommended a breakthrough session to start. I was initially hesitant as I have tried various therapies before which didn’t work. He answered all of my questions, gave me time to think and I decided to give it a go. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made.The initial session not only identified and addressed the primary trauma but unearthed other overlooked traumatic experiences. These revelations were eye-opening, considering previous therapies hadn't identified them over many years. In follow-up sessions, several lingering traumas were effectively dealt with within a few hours.The process was unexpectedly easy. He was very attentive, offering reassurance and guidance as necessary. We went over the allocated time for the session but he explained that we are not confined to a strict timeframe. NEVER have I had this offered before. I’ve had other therapist’s instantly end a session over time leaving me completely disjointed, so to hear this alleviated my anxiety. I felt genuinely cared for.In a few hours, the trauma that had plagued me was instantly gone. He also demolished a deep-seated limiting belief that had also unconsciously impacted my quality of ‘self-talk’ and confidence in business.What’s interesting, is that I was so focused on ‘healing’ myself, that I had given ZERO consideration to the impact of my trauma on others. Having it all removed, has highlighted this. Most notably how significantly it’s enhanced my relationship with my partner.As someone who was sceptical about holistic healing, the transformation I've undergone feels like a miracle. I’ve shed years of trauma which feels incredible.I cannot recommend Francesco enough! A day spent living with trauma, is a day too many. I’m very grateful that I found him, only wish I had discovered him years ago and saved myself years of ‘talking therapy’.
Andra Madalina CociuAndra Madalina Cociu
12:45 07 Aug 23
Francesco is really amazing! I came accross him after trying other types of therapy, as I was dealing with PTSD and anxiety post pandemic and giving birth to my child.Francesco help me bring hope again in my life, I am now on a new path in my life. I am very grateful and highly recommend him!I
Gwyneth AshcroftGwyneth Ashcroft
18:16 17 May 23
Our son suffered a trauma, was still struggling after a year with PTSD. He had tried a number of psychotherapists but none seemed to help him fully recover. My husband and I were at our wits end, when a good friend suggested Francesco. Our son took to Francesco immediately saying that the Havening technique helped him immensely and that Francesco had a very kind way of delivering home truths. There was also great support between sessions by WhatsApp. Within four sessions our son was so much brighter and ready to restart his life. We feel incredibly grateful to Francesco and wished we had come across him earlier. We shall be shouting Francesco’s name from every rooftop - we highly recommend Francesco to anyone in need of help and direction in their lives. ✨
Syma DebbaneSyma Debbane
12:38 20 Mar 23
I feel so grateful. Working with Francesco I can honestly say that I've finally let go of things that had been plaguing me my whole life. Not that I didn't try changing them/ healing them/ letting them go. I did, many times, through therapy, workshops, trauma releases, physical work, mental work, past regression, inner child, you name it. And still, after all these hours of work and tears shed I was still stuck. Working with Francesco, doing the havening, identifying the emotions and processing them is like letting go of something I've been carrying my whole life that was deeply stuck and I was almost holding on to it. And then, I don't have to worry about letting go of it anymore because it just feels like a huge release and I'm safe and I feel free. Wow! I feel hopeful and happy. He's also very supportive and understanding, gives me the time to work through things and is present for support afterwards too. Thank you Francesco, I am sooo immensely grateful for finding you and for our work together. So excited for what lies ahead in my future in this new dimension 🙂 S
Keith AbeynayakeKeith Abeynayake
15:54 23 Jan 23
Francesco provided me with amazing support in key areas which I wanted to address, particularly around anxiety. Francesco instils calmness and explains everything thoroughly - I found this extremely useful when applying the tools he showed me, as I understood the logic. The techniques used by Francesco are highly effective. Francesco is a warm and caring individual and has helped me a lot with life challenges and my personal development!
Susan BridgefordSusan Bridgeford
20:34 05 Jan 23
Francesco is an excellent therapist. He is kind, supportive and compassionate, but doesn't let you shy away from painful issues. He has a host of therapies on which to draw, and uses whatever is most appropriate at the time. He is not only available to clients during sessions, but encourages the use of Whats App messaging, to keep in touch. I would recommend him to anyone, for issues of any type. I'm so glad that I found him.
Heather MortHeather Mort
18:20 20 Oct 22
I'll admit I was not convinced at first that Francesco and his 'techniques' could help me with my emotional baggage but I was honestly stunned at just how different I was feeling after session 2. By the end of session 3 I felt that a huge weight had been lifted, I could 'see' more clearly and breath again. Yes, this all sounds cliched but I have no other words to describe my experience. Francesco is passionate about his work and clearly very skilled. He helped me feel at ease, worked with me and helped me, without me always being aware at the time. Thank you 💕🙏
Luis VazquezLuis Vazquez
03:40 20 Oct 22
Francesco is amazing. I have been trying for years to work with my personal issues, to no avail. It's taken only a couple of sessions with him and I already feel like a different, better person. My issues have gone from almost crippling to basically non-existent, and I know I will only improve. He is attentive, thorough, and will go to the root of your problems. He is also super available, and willing to go beyond scheduled hours if he understood the session warranted it. I never felt rushed in any of his sessions. Not only has he helped me with my past and current issues, he has provided me with the tools to deal with any future issues that could arise. He is worth every cent (or whatever currency you use) that you pay him. Thank you, Francesco.
Kate BurlowKate Burlow
17:12 19 Sep 22
Francesco is not just a life-coach; he's a life saver! I can not begin to explain how incredible he is at extracting the part(s) of you that brought you to see him in the first place - even if you didn't know it! - laying it out clearly before you and then, with his exceptional skills, techniques, patience, kindness and sincereity, anything and everything you felt was hindering you is suddenly manageable. And, to go further, so is the rest of your life!Sometimes talking alone is not enough. It takes a professional like Francesco with his mixed array of qualifications, dedications, experiences and more to apply bespoke techniques in order to guide and support you to a better version of yourself.I thank you so much, Francesco. You're a star. 🌟
Georgina SmalldridgeGeorgina Smalldridge
08:30 09 Aug 22
Amazing, life changing first experience of EFT (tapping) with matrix imprinting with Francesco! I have been experiencing some blocks in my career and personal life for a long time now and have tried many techniques, both self-help and alongside professionals, which never seemed to get to the crux of the issue for me. Francesco made me feel at ease straight away with his supportive, calm demeanor. He led me through EFT calmly and clearly, I felt safe and supported throughout and able to let myself get deep into my emotions and allow them to be. It was an emotional but amazing experience - the emotional relief and insight I have been searching for, for some time.I can not recommend Francesco enough. His diverse expertise in training and knowledge allow him to work through any issue, no matter how big or small.I have been using the EFT techniques taught in session since and am noticing great changes in the way I respond to my emotions and the way I think about challenges in my life.Thank you so much for such a great, enlightening experience!

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