Change for the better can come with the help of a Therapist

  • Identify the problem
  • Accepting the problem
  • What are the causes
  • What therapy is appropriate
  • The beginning of healing

I use Hypno-CBT for Anxiety, Stress, Depression.

I use Havening Techniques to manage any fears, phobias, bereavement, break-up and to motivate people.

I use Mindfulness Therapy to teach how to maintain a perfect state of tranquillity in support of relapse prevention.

I use NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming to support my one-to-one life coaching classes. which I contact online or in person.

I use Reiki and Pranic Healing to help anyone with physical and mental ailments that have been causing awoke in your life, remote healing is also an option.

Successful stories

This is what my clients are saying!

What an amazing experience, been suffering with chronic pain for nearly a decade and in 6 sessions with Francesco I was able to reduce the pain level from a high 10 to a 3. Working towards pain free movements now. If you are in pain he is the therapist you must call, you will not be disappointed!

Ariana B. – France

I was looking for a life coach in support of my plans and goals as I lack motivation, and my procrastination skills were very developed! Francesco approach to success is easy to follow and implement. Remarkable results in just a few sessions, I learn so much with Francesco, he is an amazingly skilled professional!

Michael S. – England

Break-Ups are always painful, especially if you have lived with a person for over 20 years. My life had grounded to a halt and so my willingness to react to my depressive state. Francesco used Havening Techniques on me, and in just 2 sessions, and some homework in between, he managed to free my mind up, allowing me to regain my life back. This therapy was the closest to magic I ever experienced! Give him a call! 

Jaden S.- England

Been suffering with asymptomatic dermatitis on my hands and forearms since a young age. Francesco was flagged as a successful Pranic Healer, and highly recommended. I was very sceptical at the beginning, but to my surprise he got rid of my condition in just one session. Within a week my hands regain their original colour, and now they are totally healed. Even if you do not believe in Spiritual Healing I recommended you to try, as it was an eye opener for me too!

Helena G. – Argentina

Francesco has an amazing ability to listen and investigate. His attention to details helped him to uncover what was really at the bottom of my self-limitation. He helped me with sport performance and trained me to go beyond pain. Great motivator, and he explains the reasons behind each exercise he wants you to do. Great working alliance and amazing communicator. Highly recommended!

Jason B. – USA

Lost my husband in a car accident where I was the driver. Needless to say that this unfortunate event has had a profound effect in my life. Francesco powerful presence and his ability to help you manage the complexity of such a difficult event, provided me with a significant push that shifted my thoughts towards a more positive attitude to life. With Havening and Hypno-CBT Techniques he successfully detached my feelings for the sad event, truly liberating my mind. I feel reborn!

Evelin G. – Germany

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